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Mission and Vision

Ted K. Tajima High School is one of 26 charter schools founded by the Alliance College-Ready Public Schools Charter Management Organization. The mission of these schools is to prepare traditionally underserved students in low-income communities for success in college. The Alliance's educational model focuses on five core values:
  1. High expectations for all students
  2. Small, personalized classrooms
  3. Increased instructional time
  4. Highly qualified principals and teachers, and parents as active partners in the school community
Through instructional practices, student expectations, and school culture, ACRAHS #16 will produce learners who are:
  1. Effective Communicators
    • Expressing ideas and opinions with clarity
    • Conveying their ideas in writing
    • Listening in order to understand
    • Using a range of written and technological sources
  2. Life-Long Learners
    • Setting and striving toward realistic goals
    • Seeking out resources to achieve goals
    • Continuing their quest for knowledge
  3. Problem Solvers
    • Collecting and analyzing information and data
    • Justifying their conclusions
    • Making informed decisions
    • Accessing information from a variety of resources
  4. Dependable and Responsible Citizens
    • Participating in extracurricular activities
    • Contributing time and resources to those in need
    • Acting as role models